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Developing Hanoverian Athletes in the Mind & the Body®

HVH Services

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High Valley Hanoverians is known for Developing Warmblood Athletes in the Mind & the Body® which results in young horses who are fit with exceptional temperament and are truly happy in their work.

Full Care Paddock Board
$500 / month
  • 23x7 Turnout in well maintained paddocks / 4-board fencing

  • Shelters / automatic water units

  • Individualized grain nutrition in barn 

  • Daily management (blanketing / meds / hoof care)

  • Weekly + as needed grooming 

  • Vet & Farrier scheduling & management

  • Weekly photos & updates to owner

  • Upgrade to stall care when needed

Young Horse Raising
$500 / month
  • Same services as Full Care Paddock Board

  • Safe playgroups by age group / gender with baby sitters

  • Daily handling / ground training / socialization

  • 2x weekly in-hand training / focused skill training via "Training Games" approach to stimulate partnership

  • Additional farrier care to promote correct development

  • Monthly progress videos

  • Show prep & show services (additional fee applies)

  • Lots of LOVE + BOUNDARIES to develop future performance athletes.   

  • Young Horse Raising is our Passion!

Mare Care / Foaling
  • Mare is in Full Care Paddock Board (listed above)

  • Non-Fescue Hay surcharge during final 3 months

  • Multiple daily hands on observation as mare approaching foaling date

  • 12x24 Foaling stall with video cameras

  • Pre-natal vaccinations

  • Post-natal mare care & colostrum check

  • Emergency MD contact if needed

  • Foal care, igG testing, imprint training

Backing & Foundation
$40 / session 
  • Young Horse is in Full Care Paddock Board (listed above)

  • Establish partnership via Modern Horseman Techniques

  • In-hand, ground, free school, long line, lunge training

  • Drama free backing process

  • Buddy rides for confidence building

  • Foundation training in variety of settings including combined training field, mountain trails, dressage arena 

  • Weekly training updates / monthly progress videos

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