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Song of the South HVH

Song of the South HVH (aka "Feather") is a handsome gelding with comfortable gaits and a super temperament.

Feather has several talented older siblings including numerous Elite Mare half sisters and Don Frederic HVH a USDF HOY in two divisions..

Feather is currently re-establishing foundation training.   Suitable for an experienced, patient rider with time to invest in re-schooling a prospect

Sinatra Song
Wruffian Pedigree.jpg
EM Wruffian Q

Song of the South HVH

2011 Dark Bay Hanoverian Gelding

Pedigree:     Sinatra Song x EM Wruffian Q 

Height:       16.2+H

Potential:     Low Level Dressage / Trail Master

Schooling:    2nd Level Dressage

Asking Price:  $10K   (will consider offers)

Full Pedigree below videos



  • Re-schooling (part time)


  • Progression to 1st / 2nd Level Dressage


  • Genlty Backed / Dressage Foundation

Song of the South HVH (barn name "Feather") is an enchanting young dressage prospect with great promise.   His sire, Sinatra Song (Sandro Hit) was the champion of his licensing test in 2005 and also finished in Reserve position at the 2006 Budeschampionate as well  being the highest scoring 3  year old Hanoverian.  His dam, EM Wruffian Q is an exceptional Weltmeyer granddaughter who has produced numerous Elite Mare Candidate daughters as well as Don Frederic HVH, the 2013 USDF Horse of the Year in two divisions (1st Level and 4/5 yo materiale with a median score of 87.7%)  

Feather has three nice gaits and an enchanting personality.   His barn name is due to an interesting cowlick (also known as a feather) on the bridge of his nose.   He was backed in 2014, has schooled to dressage 2nd Level and is a seasoned trail master suitable for an amateur rider.  Although he has extremely nice walk and trot work, Feather developed some anxiety in his upward canter transitions a few years ago due to an overly harsh trainer.  He was sidelined for the better part of the past 4 years doing mostly mountain trail riding to allow him to decompress.  Now back in dressage work, his current trainer has been able to work through the canter transition issue, but we would not yet consider his transitions solid.  We need to free up his stall at the training barn to make room for our young sales horses that are ready to start their careers.   Feather would make a perfect project horse for a patient and loving trainer who has a few months of time to work with his transitions.  We are convinced that after re-training he would be a good adult amateur dressage horse.  Given his temperament, he could easily be a walk-trot lesson horse now or a reliable trail horse.  He has a full set of Xrays available and no health issues. 

Song of the South HVH

2011 Dark Bay Hanoverian Gelding
ull Pedigree

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