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Developing Hanoverian Athletes in the Mind & the Body®

Horses for Sale

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Pleasant Title

High Valley Hanoverians consistently has a very nice selection of Hanoverian Horses for Sale (of all ages).    We also proudly represent select Warmbloods through our consignment program.   

High Valley Hanoverians is known for providing a straight-forward, transparent and supportive sales process.    All horses under saddle have been pre-vetted and have a full set of baseline Xrays (multiple views, 12 joints)

Under Saddle Horses

Don Frederic 2012 USDF Regionals (18) cr

Don Frederic HVH

2008 Hanoverian Gelding

Don Frederico x EM Wruffian Q

Moon Shadow (2020-11) (1).jpg

Der Mondschatten HVH

2017 Hanoverian Gelding

Don Frederico x EM Rebellienne HVH

Defiance (2019-10) 3 web.jpg

Defiance HVH

2013 Hanoverian Gelding

Dancier x EM Rebellienne HVH

Schnapps (2020-11) (2).jpg

Der Sternschnuppe HVH

2017 Hanoverian Gelding

Don Frederico x EM Rebellienne HVH


Determination (2020-10) 1 web.jpg

Determination HVH

2016 Hanoverian Gelding

Danciano x Sorette

Fuer Elise (2016-09-10) (2).jpg

Fuer Elise HVH

2013 Hanoverian Premium Mare 

Fuerst Romancier x EM Whitney BH

FeuerTanz (2020-05-30) 1.jpg

FeuerTanz HVH

2015 Hanoverian Gelding

Fidertanz x Donna Frederica


Sonnenschein (2019-09-15) w Olivia.jpg

Sonnenschein HVH

2015 Hanoverian Premium Mare 

Sir Donnerhall x EM Wruffian Q

Young Horses

DeNalia (2020-10-03) AHS (2).jpg

DeNalia HVH

2019 Hanoverian Mare

DeNiro x EM Rebellienne HVH

DeLaurienne (2020-05-24) (3).jpg

DeLaurienne HVH

2020 Hanoverian Mare

Dancier x EM Rebellienne HVH

Fraziska (2020-05-16) (1).jpg

Franziska HVH

2020 Hanoverian Mare

Franziskus x EM Rebellienne HVH

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